Kroese Kits

Care with respect

A loving attitude, respectful treatment, integrity and considerable experience – this is what the nurses and carers at Kroese Kits preach. This forms part of their routine in the 24-hour private home care and nursing – primarily in The Netherlands and Belgium. As part of their small, established teams, they ensure peace and continuity because every care assistant works a shift pattern ranging from three to four days.

Since 1937

This method of working was introduced back in 1937. Apart from further professionalism and solid growth, our agency has remained much the same. This is because care remains our concern. As do respect, personality and dignity – the values which Kroese Kits practices – and which it preaches at all times.


The care assistants

24-hour care assistants

What gives a particular care assistant that special edge? Care and nursing in the private sector involve more than just professional nursing and care based activities. Care also means personal attention, a safe and peaceful environment, and one where individuals can react to a personality. To acquire this you need experience in life and a healthy dose of empathy.

Life experience

Nurses and carers at Kroese Kits (all 40 + of them) possess these qualities which recur in their ethical behaviour, wisdom and integrity. A caring attitude and respectful treatment are in their blood. This gives them that special power.


24-hour care

Maintaining self-esteem

When it becomes apparent that the so called self care doesn’t work anymore, it is often necessary to rely on care provided by others. Customised private home care and 24-hour care, along with nursing are the obvious solutions. For health and welfare, not only for professional activities and facilities, but also to provide the right type of attention and attendance. To provide structure and a safe environment. And not least to help maintain self-esteem and integrity.


Overseas care

Extended overseas stays

24-hour private care and nursing make traveling abroad and staying in remote places very plausible. Nurses provide guidance throughout the journey and can stay for longer should the itinerary dictate this. Respect for the individuality of the client and for any company guarantees maximum privacy.

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